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DONATION HISTORY: Over the past two years the CDC board has granted over $30,000.00 to families in need. These awards are through our sliding scale at the preschool as well as our scholarship aide that serves all CDC families company wide. With your help this school year, we have been able to raise $6800. But there is still greater need as we see more and more families applying for scholarship grants.

Please consider a donation, whatever amount, to help keep the scholarship program alive and help families in our community benefit from the excellent programs at CDC.

You may donate by using our Paypal link on the left. You may also write a check to CDC (please make check payable to “CDC”) and drop it off or mail it to our Westminster Place address (1611 Westminster Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104).

Community Day Care and Preschool is a 501c3 charitable organization and contributions to CDC are fully deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

What has the CDC sliding scale done for my family?

“It has given my family peace of mind. It has allowed my daughter to attend a high quality preschool without sacrificing food in our bellies! I truly had no idea that a preschool/daycare like this existed, nor that I could possibly afford to give my daughter this type of quality care.”

“As a single parent, daycare is my single largest expense, I strive to live within my means and yet provide the best upbringing for my child possible. CDC’s sliding scale has been a blessing to my family. Without it, I could not send my daughter to this school where highly trained teachers help children learn to use their words to solve problems and express their feelings.”

“CDC is truly a remarkable place to be. I feel exceptionally grateful to be a part of the CDC family and to the donors who make the sliding scale possible. The sliding scale allows me to provide the best for my daughter and that’s all any parent really wants, isn’t it?”

— letter from a CDC parent to the board

Family Involvement at CDC

CDC not only encourages a child’s family to be involved in their experience at CDC, but family participation is central to our program. From its beginnings as a neighborhood cooperative in the early 1970s, CDC has always relied on parents’ active participation in the program. We remain a non-profit corporation governed by a board elected by the parents of children in all our programs. From regular communication with teachers and reading to children, to participating in CDC’s governance, there are a multitude of ways for the parents and siblings of our kids to be part of the CDC experience.

Following your Child’s Preschool Growth

CDC teachers and staff always welcome contact with parents – from informal chats at pickup and dropoff to scheduled meetings. We also have two formal channels of communication with parents:

Preschool Journals

Journals are sent home twice a month by your child’s teacher. Each entry contains a brief synopsis of what your child has been doing during the previous two weeks at CDC, who he/she plays with, and the skills being developed in group time. If you have any questions, just jot a note in the notebook and the teacher will respond either in person or in the next journal entry.

Preschool Caregiver-Teacher Conferences

Conferences between teacher and caregivers are held two times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Caregivers meet their child’s group teacher for about 20 minutes in the evening. The teacher shares observations and answers questions about the child’s activities and development.

Joining the Community

CDC welcomes parents and other family members into the broader CDC community. Families can keep up with events, and join in, in several ways:


Monthly newsletters, with important information about the program, special events, meetings and any policy changes, are distributed at the beginning of each month. Each newsletter includes a calendar for the month, which is a great way to keep track of CDC events.

Potlucks and other dinners

Several times each year we have pot luck dinners for our families. These are a great way for parents to get to know each other, meet other children, and to have a relaxed time to talk with teachers and staff. Details are posted on the parent information board at CDC and printed in the newsletter (and will be listed on the web site).

Parent education nights

Several times a year, CDC sponsors a “parent education” night. These evening presentations and discussions cover the gamut of parenting and early childhood development and education; our parents have found them particularly valuable. Topics and times vary each year and will be announced; materials from past sessions will be available on the web site.

Contact CDC today about our employment opportunities

Helping out at CDC

CDC relies on parent involvement for a good deal of its work; parents are encouraged to visit, to volunteer in the classroom, and to participate in CDC governance. We also ask that all parents participate in some of the work needed to keep CDC functioning.

Preschool Parent Work Teams

Every other month, we have a parent work day on a weekend. We ask that parents sign up for two work days each year. On these days, parents come into the center and do major cleaning and/or repairs. These work days help keep the cost of maintenance down. There are other work options for parents who cannot attend one of the designated work days.

Volunteer in the classroom

We are always open to having parents volunteer in parts of the CDC program. At particular times of year, we may specifically ask for volunteers to give presentations (on other cultures, ethnic foods, etc.) or to read to the children at story time. Consult with the CDC staff for details.

Help with field trips

Teachers plan field trips from time to time; we welcome suggestions for interesting and appropriate trips. For some excursions, we may ask for parent drivers. Strict safety rules and regulations are observed. When drivers are needed for field trips, sign-up sheets are posted at least two weeks in advance; we appreciate any help you can give us with driving.

As part of our licensing requirements, all drivers must submit to a State of Michigan screening which certifies that the driver has had no history of involvement in a case of child abuse or neglect. This screening can be performed by submitting a simple form to Children’s Protective Services; copies are available on the Key Forms page and at CDC. Allow a week for the results to be returned to you.

Join in CDC governance

The members of the Board of Directors are parents, elected by the parents of children enrolled in all of CDC’s programs. CDC was founded in 1972 by families in the Burns Park community, and parents continue to pay a central role in CDC’s governance. The parents and staff of CDC have worked together over the years to develop policies and procedures that work best for the children, parents and staff. In addition to serving on the Board, parents can participate in the work of the Board by serving on one of its committees, even if they are not Board members. For more information, see our Board pages.