During camp our curriculum centers on a different theme and corresponding field trip each week. Some of the exciting field trips we planned in previous summers included: a behind-the-scenes tour of the Big House, a trip to an indoor trampoline park, a beach day at Silver Lake, and an all-day field trip to Rolling Hills Waterpark! This summer you can expect we’ll be taking just as amazing field trips!

All of the traditional camp arts, crafts, games, swimming, and sports are included in our programming. We will take an Public School Bus to Buhr Park Pool each non-field trip day for swimming. Children are encouraged to participate in the planning of activities in order to accommodate their individual and group interests. The camp day is a good mix of teacher directed and child-initiated activities. It includes choice time in a mixed age setting as well as a group time based on age. This gives the younger children a much needed opportunity to connect with a single counselor, and the older children a chance to work on more intensive teambuilding. We are committed to a quality and fun summer camp program!

Our camp overnight for campers and their families takes place in July at Hudson Mills Metropark. All families are welcome, whether your child attends camp that week or not.

Community Day Camp is for children post kindergarten through pre-sixth grade. Our hours of operation are 7:30AM – 5:45PM. Enrollment is limited to 45 children per day.

As a service to our families, we will continue to offer a morning only program at camp. Morning only campers will be able to participate in a wide range of activities with the all day campers including: choice time, group time, interest areas, and Fun Friday activities. Families who choose this option can drop off as early as 7:30AM and pick up no later than 12:30PM. Morning only campers will be picked up before lunch. There will be no morning only option on days that we take all day field trips. To ensure that we are able to accommodate as many families as possible, scheduling priority will be given to all day campers.

Camp Info

Michelle Slocum, Director

Camp Cell: 734 478-0366


As part of CDC’s mission, we offer financial assistance to families who qualify. Scholarships are limited, and are approved by the board of directors scholarship committee.


You must be employed and/or enrolled in school or a job training program (includes local community colleges, technical programs, high school completion, etc.). Undergraduate students with a proven history of low-income attending four-year academic institutions may be eligible. Graduate students are not eligible. You must contact your local Department of Human Services (DHS) to determine your eligibility for their Child Daycare Program as well as Child Care Network (CCN).


Scholarship award amounts will depend upon each applicant’s childcare schedule and fees. Scholarships are designed to pay a portion of the total childcare cost for each child. The parent(s) is expected to pay the remaining portion. A payment must be received prior to awarding the scholarship. Scholarships are paid out every three months to ensure all families have equal opportunity to apply. A reduction of childcare hours will reflect a change in the scholarship awarded. If a family is three (3) months in arrears, attendance will be discontinued until the past due payment is made.


CDC Camp is kicking the summer off with Olympian style! We’re turning our camp into the training center for demigods, just like Percy Jackson at Camp Half-Blood! Your campers will accomplish impressive feats of strength, defeating mythological creatures and performing tasks that would make the Greek Gods Zeus and Athena proud. Campers will also get to sample some tasty Greek style cuisine, and try their hand at the ancient Greek arts.
Welcome to a week of sports, sports, sports! All day long we will be running, jumping, throwing, kicking, dodging, and so much more. If you love to play, this is the week for you. There won’t be a moment of rest while we experience all the games in our playbook. Don’t let the name fool you- we’ll shoot hole-in-ones on the golf course, try to earn a perfect 10 in our dive competition, and work on our swing until we hit that homerun! Practice running those bases, because you might just have to slip n’ slide into home!
“Pikachu, we choose you!” CDC Camp is embracing the Pokemon craze for this wild week of camp. Campers will go on Pokemon hunts, make Pokemon arts & crafts, and even eat Pokemon themed snacks! But at CDC camp we’re not satisfied with just the regular stuff- we’re going to play Pokemon Golf, make our very own Pokemon pets, and do so much more!
If your camper is obsessed with Pokemon like we are, then this is the week for them! We just gotta catch ‘em all!!
Welcome to CDC shop class, where anything goes. Is there anything that you ever wanted to build out of wood, but you didn’t have the tools? Come join the wood shop class! Are you interested in inventing a brand new device that is sure to advance human thinking by thousands of years? Come join the science lab! Do you have special skills with cars, boats, trains or anything mechanical? We need you! We are looking for campers of all ages who have amazing ideas and want to see them come to life. During this week we will be elbows deep in the scientific process, working endlessly to create all of those things that inspire us to be great!
Come one, come all to the Art Fair of the Summer! All week long we will be working on our designs to be displayed at our very own CDC Camp Art Fair. Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves through the type of art they love the best. We’ll have jewelry making, painting, sewing, sculpting, and so much more. Be the first one to display your talents with techniques never seen before. Who knows, maybe we’ll have the very next Picasso just waiting to be discovered!
We’re getting in touch with our natural roots this week at CDC Camp! We’ll be eating some tasty treats, but all of the ingredients will be things that are grown right from the ground. Campers will be exploring the amazing things that you can do with farmers market products: like make salves and tea, snacks and so much more! We’ll be honing our nature skills to prep for our favorite summer thing: the CDC Camp Annual Overnight Campout!!
*Please note that all food products offered this week will continue to be peanut/tree nut free!
Come on down! You are the next contestant on CDC Camp’s Game Show of the week. And here are your hosts Michelle Slocum and Amy Koehs! You will be asked to put your skills to the test while we run you through a week of Harry Potter Trivia, The ‘Friendly’ Feud, and The Price is Right. We want to see if you have what it takes to win the grand prize of the week! So if you’re interested in spending your Summer on the best Game Show around, this is the place for you. We double dare ya!
Just press record and a world of movie magic will take over. Not just any movie, iMovie of course! We will spend the week exploring movie making with the help of a little technology. We want to see what your imagination is made of. Campers will pair into groups and create the film of their choice. Do you like music? Let’s make a music video. Are you a huge fan of comics? Let’s make a cartoon! Do you love art? Let’s create a Claymation cinematic experience that can only be displayed on the big screen. Then, we will have our Fun Friday Premiere where we will view all of the hard work at its greatest. Lights, Camera, Action!

Ahoy matey! CDC Camp has run aground on a tropical island for our last week of camp. We’ll make the most of our time being shipwrecked by playing lots of outdoor water games, building cool art out of sea shells and fending off pirate attacks! And CDC Camp wouldn’t be complete without our annual field trip to Rolling Hills Water Park! So come join us for this wet & wild summer send off, and try not to walk the plank!