July 25th-29th

“Bouncy, Bouncy Balls!”

Chapter Book: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

GREENfield trips, if you would like to volunteer for any of these, please email me and I will send you more information.  
REDimportant things to know about
BLUEswim days, please make sure you have your child’s bathing suit and towel ready in their cubby. 
BROWNmud days, we will be using CDC shirts and CDC underwear for these and will put your child’s clothes back on upon completion. 
*= things you need to know about/do/help with are in the week’s newsletter.

Monday, July 25th:

I will be absent today; Becca will be teaching group! 🙂
AM: Good ‘ol Game of Kickball!

​PM: The Old Gray Cat

Tuesday, July 26th:

AM: “Snowball” Fight! (using newspaper)

​PM: Songbook Together

Wednesday, July 27th:

AM: Storytime at the Library!

​PM: Aiken Drum

Thursday, July 28th:

AM: Painting with Marbles!

​PM: Telling a Story Together (using little objects)

Friday, July 29th:

AM: Field Trip to Domino’s Farms!*

PM: Choice Time with Camps!