CDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We are governed by a board of directors made up of current families as well as alumni parents and community members. The board serves as a policy setting entity offering support to all programs. In addition to meeting monthly, the board also commits to being a member of a committee. The four main committees are governance, scholarship, finance and development. If you are interested in helping our organization or feel you might be a good fit for our board of directors please contact Laura Stidham at for more information.


    Patti and her husband Randy live in the Burns Park neighborhood. Their son attended CDC, came back to volunteer in middle school and is now living in Chicago, married and raising their son. They all loved their experience at CDC and know that it has continued to have a positive impact on hundreds more families. Patti is honored and excited to be on the board to support the hard work of the educators, parents and community of CDC. Patti’s background is elementary education, speech language pathology and business operations.


    Tolga is an Ann Arbor native, and his daughter recently attended CDC from 2014-16 and his son will attend CDC from 2017-19. Tolga is a Senior Consultant with iPoint Inc., specializing in corporate social responsibility. He has a BA in International Studies from Michigan State University and a MBA from Eastern Michigan University. He has previously served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer and has several years teaching experience.


    Mike is a resident of the Lower Burns Park neighborhood, and has been a resident of Ann Arbor since 1996. His daughter Carolyn attends CDC’s preschool program. Mike has worked as an Economic Analyst for the US Department of Energy, ITC Holdings, a Michigan-based electric utility, and currently works for General Motors Global Finance Division. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, and seeks to provide assistance to the Board with financial and budgetary matters, in addition to other analyses that could provide informational value to CDC.


    Rachel and her husband Evan moved to Ann Arbor in June of 2014 from Manhattan and immediately set out on finding a preschool for their daughter Cora. They were thrilled to meet CDC families and Cora began school in September 2015. Rachel works in marketing and communications and previously served as the Director of North American Communications for Ogilvy & Mather, a global advertising firm. Her experience in corporate reputation, business development, crisis management, media strategy and event marketing will be put to use as CDC continues to grow and deliver support for Ann Arbor families. Rachel is pregnant and due with another member of the next generation of CDC students in February 2016, yet another reason for wanting to participate on the Board and help CDC in any way possible.


    Patrick grew up in southeast Michigan, moved away for college and returned three years ago with his wife, Betsy, and their two sons. Charlie, their oldest, spent three years at CDC Preschool, and Gus, their youngest, is in the pre-K group at the preschool. Patrick works in the U-M Health System’s development office, where began as a fundraising writer before becoming editor of the Medical School’s alumni magazine. He has also worked as a journalist for a number of years — covering small business, education and city government. He hopes to help CDC with fundraising and communications.


    Anastasia and her husband Todd are the parents of three CDC children. Thea (2010-12) and Eve (2013-15) are graduates now attending Wines Elementary School and Seth, a current student of the preschool. Anastasia and family moved to Ann Arbor from Philadelphia in 2006 and now consider it ‘home for the long haul’ acknowledging Ann Arbor as an exceptionally easy place to raise kids. Anastasia is a Principal Investigator for A2IDEA, a bioinformatics contract research organization, doing biological data analysis supporting pharmaceutical discovery. The Yocums value the play-based, nurturing environment of CDC, appreciate the family feeling of the organization and want to support this warm community as needed.


    Mollie is excited to join the board after her son’s experience in the school. Ziv, who is now in kindergarten, spent two years at CDC, where he gained so much thanks to the guidance and support of his teachers. Mollie and her husband, Aaron, value the CDC teachers’ expertise, creativity and imagination in working with young children. They are so happy that their son Gavriel started CDC this fall, and hope that their infant, Noam, will join the school in a couple of years. Their daughter, Livnat, is a third grader at the Hebrew Day School. Mollie recently graduated from University of Michigan’s Nurse Midwife program. Before pursuing nursing, Mollie worked in informal education and communications at an educational non-profit institute in Jerusalem, Israel.


    Sarah and husband Jack moved to Ann Arbor in June of 2017 and were thrilled to find such a wonderful preschool for Charlie (4). June (2) will be excited to attend CDC Preschool next year, she often begs to stay during drop off! Sarah was born and raised in Colorado and worked as an Elementary Art Teacher before deciding to stay home with her young kids. With a BA in Art Education and a Masters Degree in Arts Integration and Curriculum Design, Sarah cultivated a choice-based art classroom and quickly witnessed the impact of empowering young learners through authentic student-driven education. She is excited to continue to promote this philosophy as a board member. Sarah is also a strong believer in the importance of quality educational experiences, especially for young children and is eager to help support students and families in the community.


    Alex and his wife Carly moved to the Burns Park area in 2012. Carly is an elementary school teacher in Chelsea and they have three children, Kate, Drew, and Jack. Kate and Drew both attend Burns Park Elementary School and Jack started at CDC in September 2015. Alex is a senior appraiser with the Gerald Alcock Company, a regional commercial appraisal and consulting firm based in Ann Arbor. With this, he brings an expertise in real estate and business valuation, and hopes to make a positive contribution to the CDC Board and community.


    Maureen and her husband Dan are the parents of two CDC children, Ella, 2nd grader, and Molly, 5th grader, who attend Burns Park Kids Club and summer camp. Maureen moved to Ann Arbor in 2012 and is an assistant professor in the Anthropology department at U of M. She values CDC’s deep respect for each child and the strong focus on building relationships. Maureen is excited to contribute to an organization that has meant so much to the whole family.


    Katherine, her husband Brook, and their two children, Graham and Holly, moved to Lower Burns Park from Chicago (and briefly Boston) in the summer of 2017. Originally from Chelsea, Katherine was thrilled to return to mid-Michigan to raise her kids, especially in Ann Arbor where there is such a focus on education, families, and innovation. Graham absolutely adores attending CDC Preschool and he is thriving in such a fun and loving school. For 10 years, Katherine worked as a high school English teacher, first in Jackson at Northwest Community Schools, and then in Chicago at Chicago International Charter Schools and Noble Network, and she earned her Master of Education in Reading & Literacy in 2012. Katherine is passionate about access to high quality education for all children and looks forward to using her background as an educator to support CDC’s growth and scholarships.


    Jon has lived in Ann Arbor for 30 years. He attended Wines, Forsythe, Pioneer, and eventually U-M graduating in 2006 with a BA in English. He met his wife Lizzie in high school and they have a rambunctious three-year-old, Benny. Jon is the President and Associate Broker at J Keller Properties, LLC in Ann Arbor; a real estate agency and property management firm which he founded in 2008. Jon looks forward to lending his real estate experience, and management ability to the CDC Board of Directors.


    Gabriela is a mom, wife, consumer researcher and life-long learner. She has three children, Rachael (12, Slauson), Jules (8, Lawton) and Luci (8, Lawton). She and her husband Jim recently celebrated 18 years of marriage. Gabriela has a background in organizational psychology and has been conducting employee and consumer research for Burke, Inc., a marketing research firm, since 2000. The Pashturro family recently moved to Ann Arbor in the summer of 2016. In the last year, Gabriela has gotten to know the after school program staff at Lawton, where both her younger children attend. Although new to Ann Arbor, Gabriela spent her adolescence and high school years in Midland, Michigan. Like many families, the Pashturros balance church, sports, and work commitments while trying to find time to enjoy being together. Luci and Rachael are avid synchronized swimmers at the local YMCA, whereas Jules plays flag football and has recently shown an interest in karate. While sports and church keep them busy, the family also likes to travel and recently visited family in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the summer. In her worklife, Gabriela provides guidance to organizations in clearly framing research needs, designing research programs to meet those needs, and communicating implication of results so they can make informed decisions. In the past, she has brought these skills, in addition to grant writing and program evaluation, to non-profit organizations.Gabriela holds a BA in International Studies and Social Sciences from Michigan State Univerisaty, a Masters of Arts in Community and Social Psychology from UMass Lowell, and a Doctorate of Psychology in Organizational Psychology from Rutgers Univerisity

Our Vision.

Over the past two years the CDC board has granted over $30,000.00 to families in need. These awards are through our sliding scale at the preschool as well as our scholarship aide that serves all CDC families company wide.