Scholarships and Reduced Tuition

As part of CDC’s mission, we offer financial assistance to families who qualify. Scholarships are limited, and are approved by the board of directors scholarship committee.PROCESS & ELIGIBILITY:You must be employed and/or enrolled in school or a job training program (includes local community colleges, technical programs, high school completion, etc.). Undergraduate students with a proven history of low-income attending four-year academic institutions may be eligible. Graduate students are not eligible. You must contact your local Department of Human Services (DHS) to determine your eligibility for their Child Daycare Program as well as Child Care Network (CCN). SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: Scholarship award amounts will depend upon each applicant’s childcare schedule and fees. Scholarships are designed to pay a portion of the total childcare cost for each child. The parent(s) is expected to pay the remaining portion. A payment must be received prior to awarding the scholarship. Scholarships are paid out every three months to ensure all families have equal opportunity to apply. A reduction of childcare hours will reflect a change in the scholarship awarded. Scholarship Application

Consumer Product Recalls

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death from thousands of types of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. The CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure children. The CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products – such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals – contributed significantly to the 30 percent decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 30 years. CPSC Recalls Website

CDC Happenings / Events

Potlucks and other dinners
Several times each year we have pot luck dinners for our families. These are a great way for parents to get to know each other and to have a relaxed time to talk with teachers and staff.

Parent education nights
Several times a year, CDC sponsors a “parent education” night. These evening presentations and discussions cover the gamut of parenting and early childhood development and education; our parents have found them particularly valuable. Topics and times vary each year and will be announced; materials from past sessions will be available on the web site.

CDC in the community
We participate in various event in Ann Arbor, such as, the Preschool Expo in January, Touch a Truck in May, and the Townie Party in July.


No upcoming events.

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