Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a snack, or do I have to pack one?

Kids Club provides a light snack including 2 food groups. We offer snack in the morning and in the afternoon. You are also welcome to pack a snack for your child to bring.

How does my child sign up for a new club?

All new clubs have open sign up for one full week before club meetings begin. Families are not responsible for signing their children up for clubs, but younger children may benefit from a discussion and encouragement to sign up.

Does my child have to participate in the activities provided?

No. There are lots of activities, toys, and games for the kids to choose from. Kids can choose to do what most appeals to them.

My child needs to do homework when she gets to Kids Club; will you make sure she does it?

We do have a table that kids can use to do their homework, but we are not able to force them to do their studies.

What if I want my child to attend other activities at school during Kids Club hours?

Lots of kids are in soccer, extended day programs, scouts, etc. We have a form for you to complete, listing the name of the activity, and several other details. Just complete one of these forms before your child attends one of these programs so that we can be sure of their safety. This applies only to programs on school grounds; if your child is leaving school for an activity, he or she must be picked up by a parent.

Do I need to report my child’s absence from Kids Club?

If your child will not be at Kids Club in the afternoon, call our direct line to leave a message for the staff. Please do not call the school or the offices at CDC.

What if I need to change my schedule?

A family’s needs often change throughout the school year. You can add time to your schedule at any time. Just speak to the director to see if there is space in the program. If you need to drop time, we require a ONE MONTH notice.

Can my child sign himself in and out so that I don’t have to come in the building?

Children must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian. This is the only way to ensure that there are no mistakes and that your child is safe with an adult. Your 4th or 5th grader may sign in by him/herself ONLY in the morning.