Kids Club

Lawton Elementary

2250 South 7th, Ann Arbor MI 48103

Burns Park Elementary 

1414 Wells, Ann Arbor MI 48104

Kids Club for 2021/2022 School Year

We have been permitted by AAPS to run before and after school programming in Lawton and Burns Park again this year with reduced capacity. 

Enrollment process prioritizes families qualifying for tuition  assistance and single parent households. All other families were entered into a lottery that took place on August 2.

If you need before or after school care at Burns Park or Lawton, please contact us information.


Administrative Office Phone:

(734) 680-5282

About the Program

The backbone of our program is the social/emotional (SEL) skills learned throughout the day.  At Kids Club, we have a variety of activities available, and children get to choose how to spend their time.  This little bit of control helps to promote self-management, self-awareness, and responsible decision-making, all incredibly important skills for young people to begin learning!
One of the activities that is most beloved by our kiddos, is our club program.  All of our clubs are created by the children who attend the program.  Each club will meet once a week for about 6 weeks.  It is paired with a staff member who will lead the club by asking the children which activities they would like to have available to them during club meeting time.  This staff member helps to make the children's ideas come to life!  These clubs are an amazing promotion of those SEL skills that drive our program.  
Our kind and compassionate staff are trained in the most important aspects of safety and supervision.  They are required through our State of Michigan license to have 24 hours of training each year.  We use these training hours to teach staff about the importance of a healthy, safe, and supportive environment.  Following the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality guide, we are able to identify the individual components that promote such and environment.  Using this research-based tool, our program follows best practice in the world of elementary age students.


  • Before School: 7:15AM until start of school day
  • After School: end of school day until 6:00PM

Scheduling Options for 2022-23

  • Before and after school options available
  • minimun 2 days/week
  • drop ins available for registered families - subject to availability

Tuition is on a sliding scale

  • Full tuition rates apply to families with household income above $70,000
  • Before School: $14/day
  • After School: $17/day



Registration for our SCHOOL AGE PROGRAMS is open and some space may be available depending on location. We will review your application and approve the registration. You can expect a follow-up confirmation email that will provide you with an account number and password so that you will have full access to your child’s account. If the program you are registering for is FULL, we will contact you about being on a waitlist for care.

Below is also the application for scholarship assistance if you feel your family will qualify. For more information or to contact us directly about scholarships call your main number at (734) 680-5282.

Scholarship Information

As part of our mission, CDC offers financial assistance and our goal is support all families who qualify. Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of people who donate to support this mission. As such, funds are limited and are approved by the board of directors scholarship committee. If you feel you may qualify, please complete the scholarship application. Questions can be emailed to


Applicants must be employed and/or enrolled in school or a job training program (includes local community colleges, technical programs, high school completion, etc.). Undergraduate students with a proven history of low-income attending four-year academic institutions may be eligible. Graduate students are not eligible. Applicants must also contact their local Department of Human Services (DHS) to determine eligibility for the Child Daycare Program as well as Child Care Network (CCN).

Scholarship Application


Scholarship award amounts will depend upon each applicant’s childcare schedule and fees. Scholarships are designed to pay a portion of the total childcare cost for each child. The parent/guardian is expected to pay the remaining portion. A payment must be received prior to awarding the scholarship. Scholarships are paid out every three months to ensure all families have equal opportunity to apply. A reduction of childcare hours will reflect a change in the scholarship awarded.