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Our preschools educate children 2 ½ through 5 years. CDC Preschool programs are a mixed aged, choice based, NAEYC accredited school. We use the HighScope Curriculum. The program values an environment where children can explore and expand their developmental knowledge by directing their own play. Staff are here to help foster the interests of the children. We strive to create a supportive community where children’s own growth and strengths can be expanded and provide them with the skills and independence to succeed as they grow as individuals.

Kids Club

We are an enrichment program where children can be “kids”!
Freedom of choice is the heart of our program. Children are encouraged to interact with the environment and materials in ways that are meaningful to them; including suggesting and leading their own ideas and activities.
In our multiage setting, a friendly and highly trained team of staff work to create an engaging and supportive environment.
At Kids Club children learn independence, positive social skills, responsibility and empathy. This prepares them to be ready for life!

Burns Park Kids ClubLawton Kids Club

Summer Camps

Our School Age Camp, founded in 1984, offers all of the traditional camp arts, crafts, games, swimming and sports to children who are kindergarten graduates through 5th grade . We will take an Ann Arbor Public School Bus to Buhr Pool each day for swimming. Children are encouraged to participate in the planning of activities in order to accommodate their individual and group interests. It includes choice time in a mixed age setting as well as a group time based on age. This gives the younger children a much needed opportunity to connect with a single teacher, and the older children a chance to work on more advanced long term projects. We are committed to a quality and fun summer camp program!

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We believe in providing all children a choice based engaging
environment that fosters all areas of development and growth.