Sample Daily Schedule

Our curriculum centers on a different fun and exciting theme each week which we fully incorporate throughout the program. We include all the traditional camp arts and crafts, games, sports, and daily swimming in our curriculum. We strive to provide children with all the quintessential camp experiences. The camp day is a good mix of counselor-directed and child- initiated activities. It includes a choice time as well as a group time based on age. This gives the younger children a much needed opportunity to connect with a single counselor and the older children a chance to work on more advanced projects and activities. We are committed to a high-quality and fun summer camp program!

Snack / Choice / Long-Term Projects

7:30 – 10:30am

We offer a light nutritious snack consisting of 2 food groups and 100% juice, milk or water. Children can come to the snack table at any point while snack is open. All snacks are nut-free. We also make accommodations for other food allergies.

Choice time activities include board and card games, arts and crafts activities, books to read, and blocks, Legos etc. from the manipulatives cart. All of these things are easily accessible to children to use at any time.

Each week we have different long term projects which coincide with the theme (for example, tie dyeing, soap making, pottery). These projects are available for one entire week and children have many opportunities to participate if they choose.

Outside Opens

by 9:00am

A counselor takes children to the gym or outside to play organized games or free time. This is a choice; not all kids have to go. We have our own sports equipment for kids to choose from (balls, hula hoops, jump ropes etc.)

Small Group Time and Group Field Trips

11:15 am – 12:30 noon

Children go from Get Together to Group Time with their counselors. Groups are divided by grade. This is a time when children participate in a planned activity with their small group.

Each week we take a field trip (for example, canoeing) or have a group come for a special event (for example magicians, portable TV studio, live animal show). During field trip days kids board an AAPS bus and leave for their trip. Children on local field trips return by 12:00 for lunch. Half the camp goes one day, and the other half goes another day during that week. For bigger field trips (Motown, Rolling Hills water park ) we return to camp around 4:00. Click here for more information.

Mid-day Pickup


Pickup for morning-only campers.


12:30 – 1:30pm

Please send a prepared bag lunch and a beverage with your child each day. We eat outside on towels when the weather permits. There is no refrigeration available for lunches. A cold pack in the lunch box is suggested.

Get Ready for Swim


All the children get their bathing suits and sunscreen on, and gather all their things (towels, goggles, etc.) We board an AAPS school bus at 1:30 and head to Buhr Pool. Campers should bring a swim suit and labeled towel daily.


1:50 – 3:50pm

Children swim for about 2 hours. We get out of the pool at 3:50 and bus back to camp. See our swim page for more information.

Change / Snack / Choice


Children have the opportunity to change their clothes as soon as we get back. Snack is ready when we arrive back at camp.

Clean up / Outside closed / Literacy time


We clean up and play quiet activities until parents arrive.

The staff play literacy and math-based games with the children during this time. There are a variety of games/activities from which the children can choose.

Camp Closes


All children have been picked up.