About the program

We offer a variety of activities that the children can choose from. We have games, arts and crafts, more involved long term projects, Legos, blocks, and other manipulatives. We spend a lot of time outdoors where children can play an organized game or just play on the playground equipment.


There are several ways in which we monitor kids in the pool:

  1. We have a system using clothes pins to monitor which children are in the pool and which children are on the deck or in the restroom.
  2. Each child has a buddy for swimming; no child is ever in the pool without a buddy.
  3. Every 15 minutes we do buddy checks in which all the children go to the edge of the pool for a head count.
  4. We maintain a low staff to child ratio (1:4).
  5. Children cannot go in water past their armpits unless they have passed the deep end test.

Field Trips

Most of our weekly field trips are 1 hour. We have one or two all-day field trips per summer.

Sun Screen

Sun screen is applied every time they go outside, before the pool (full body), half way through swim time (faces only), and before field trips.