About the program

We offer a variety of activities that the children can choose from. We have games, arts and crafts, more involved long term projects, Legos, blocks, and other manipulatives. We spend a lot of time outdoors where children can play an organized game or just play on the playground equipment.
No, ice packs or frozen juice boxes work well for keeping lunches cold. If you are sending a warm lunch with your child, put it in a Thermos to keep it warm, as there is no microwave either.
A camp-wide game or activity. We often talk about upcoming activities and give reminders about field trips.
Studies over many years show that children can develop cognitively and socially through interacting with both older and younger children. Older kids benefit greatly from the opportunity to become an ‘expert’ for younger children to learn from. Younger children look to the older ones to teach them, and older children view the younger ones as in need of teaching and support – they, in essence, form sibling-like bonds. These bonds aid in forming a more cooperative and cohesive group.


There are several ways in which we monitor kids in the pool:

  1. We have a system using clothes pins to monitor which children are in the pool and which children are on the deck or in the restroom.
  2. Each child has a buddy for swimming; no child is ever in the pool without a buddy.
  3. Every 15 minutes we do buddy checks in which all the children go to the edge of the pool for a head count.
  4. We maintain a low staff to child ratio (1:4).
  5. Children cannot go in water past their armpits unless they have passed the deep end test.
They can only if they pass the deep end test administered by the pool’s lifeguards. They will determine which children are prepared to swim in deep water.
Yes. In order to maintain our low ratios at the pool we cannot allow children and staff to stay at camp. If you like you may pick up your child before we go to the pool.
No, there are other activities on the pool deck for children who do not want to swim. We provide cards and other games to play, as well as materials to make key chains. Children who do not want to swim can also bring a book to read.
Yes. In order to enter Buhr Pool’s facilities, they must be wearing a bathing suit.
In the “tot” and “main” pools, the ratio is 1:4. For children swimming in the deep end, who have proven to be proficient swimmers and passed the test, the ratio is 1:10.
  1. Tell staff that you will be picking up from the pool
  2. Write it in the spiral notebook on the parent table
  3. Remind your child to bring his/her things to the pool

Field Trips

Most of our weekly field trips are 1 hour. We have one or two all-day field trips per summer.
Your child does not have to go on weekly field trips where only half of camp goes at one time; but on all-day field trips, the entire camp goes and there are no extra staff members to stay at camp. On these trips, all children must go.
We use Ann Arbor Public School busses for all our transportation needs.

Sun Screen

Sun screen is applied every time they go outside, before the pool (full body), half way through swim time (faces only), and before field trips.
Your child can apply sun screen to his/her own arms and legs. Counselors put sun screen on the kids’ faces and backs. If your child is younger and needs additional assistance a counselor is available to help.