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Community Day Care values it’s long history with the Lawton community. Kids Club offers childcare in a friendly, choice based environment filled with a variety of art, science, gym. outside and club activities. Our program offers both before and after childcare opening at 7:15 am and closing after school at 6 pm. Lawton Kids Club takes place in the auditorium.

For more information contact, Michelle Slocum at or Katie Davison at

Administrative Office: (734) 761-7101
Lawton Kids Club: (734) 662-9967


Registration for our SCHOOL AGE PROGRAMS is now all completed ONLINE. Once you register, CDC will then review your application and approve the registration. You will receive a follow-up email that will provide you with an account number and password so that you will have full access to your child’s account. If the program you are registering for is FULL we will contact you about being on a wait list for care. Below is also the application for scholarship assistance if you feel your family will qualify. For more information or to contact us directly about scholarships call your main number at (734) 761-7101.

Tuition and Scheduling

Care is offered in both before and after-school sessions; your total fee is determined by which and how many sessions you choose during the school week. Fees for 2019-20 are as follows:

Contracted AM Session (minimum of 2 days per week)


Per Day

Contracted AM Session Drop-In (for families who need additional care to their contracted time)


Per Day

Contracted PM Session (minimum of 2 days per week)


Per Day

PM Session Drop-In (for families who need additional care to their contracted time)


Per Day

Minimum enrollment: at least 2 sessions per week.

Drop-in sessions are available when space permits and with advance notice.

OCCASIONAL CARE/DROP IN PROGRAM: This is for Occasional Care with NO CONTRACTED TIME. Reg Fee: $25.00 Fees: $16.00 AM and $19.00 PM (This care must be PRE-APPROVED and is NOT Guaranteed)

School closings: You will be billed for days in which school is closed because of weather or other emergencies. You will not be billed for holidays, vacations, and other scheduled school closings. For non-holiday school closings (“reporting days”), we are often unable to provide care; these days are contracted and billed separately.

Registration fee: $50 per child, annually.

Schedule change fee: $15 per change. Advanced notice is necessary. ANY SCHEDULE CHANGE to your child’s schedule, you are financially responsible for all registered sessions for one month after notice of change. All schedule changes must be submitted in writing.

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We believe in providing all children a choice based engaging
environment that fosters all areas of development and growth.