About the program

CDC has a curriculum plan based on our philosophy that children learn best through active play and exploration in a stimulating environment. Our curriculum is child-centered and play-based; children are given many opportunities to engage in free choice activities that encourage developmental growth in the following areas: affective/social, cognitive, language and dramatic play, gross and fine motor, creative art and music.

Attending CDC

CDC does not provide lunches for children. Children bring their own lunch every day. The only restriction we have for lunches is no candy or pop (soda). We do not provide refrigeration or have the capability to heat up lunches. To keep them cold we recommend a cold pack in the lunch or a thermos to keep lunches warm.

Solving problems

We use the peer problem solving method of conflict resolution. This is a technique developed to assist children in resolving their own problems. Acting as a facilitator, the teacher supports children as they become responsible for discussing and solving differences that normally arise during social interaction.