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Scheduling and Tuition

There are several scheduling options to choose from (as space allows).

Rates and scheduling options




Registration for our preschool programs is all completed ONLINE. PLEASE call first (734) 761-7101, to make sure there is space for your child to attend! We love to give tours and meet with potential families to make sure our center is a good match for your family.
(Preschool Health Form MUST be completed 30 days from start date.)

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Administrative Office: (734) 761-7101
Current Hours (adjusted for COVID): 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Scholarship Information

If you think you may qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of preschool, we encourage you to apply or contact us for more information and to talk about your options. 



Scholarship award amounts will depend upon each applicant’s childcare schedule and fees. Scholarships are designed to pay a portion of the total childcare cost for each child. The parent(s) is expected to pay the remaining portion. A payment must be received prior to awarding the scholarship. Scholarships are paid out every three months to ensure all families have equal opportunity to apply. A reduction of childcare hours will reflect a change in the scholarship awarded. If a family is three (3) months in arrears, attendance will be discontinued until the past due payment is made.


To qualify, applicants must be employed and/or enrolled in school or a job training program (includes local community colleges, technical programs, high school completion, etc.). Undergraduate students with a proven history of low-income attending four-year academic institutions may be eligible. Graduate students are not eligible. In order to qualify, we request that applicants also contact Child Care Network (CCN) about financial assistance as well as the local Department of Human Services (DHS) to determine eligibility for their Child Daycare Program .



Fees for families with lower incomes are LIMITED and available on a first come first serve basis determined by date of receipt of documentation as well as the needs of the family. The Scholarship Committee reviews every case and determines eligibility.